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The woman nodded lightly and asked, "Do you know anything about the Ye family?" "I know a little." Cheng Yanqiu nodded and said, "The current family of the Ye family, called Ye Heshan, is probably on the second floor of Zhuanling, but the dark forces of the family behind it are not very clear, but come to think of it, the highest is about the fusion period, otherwise, they will not be honest here." Under the state city, it is also divided into three levels, Ye Tao's city is the third level, which is equivalent to the previous level of a small town, but to convert out, it is absolutely comparable to the existence of the capital. How high do you think the senior who wrote the copybook will be? The woman asked in the second. I really can't imagine that. Cheng Yanqiu gave a wry smile and said, "Although I can't imagine it, the senior's cultivation has at least reached the golden elixir period, and it's not impossible to go up." "That's how I see it." The woman nodded and said, "My great-grandfather is now in the golden elixir period, but with my feeling, the artistic conception of the copybook is far less difficult to understand than that written by this predecessor, and it is also more profound." At this point, the woman's words changed, "Do you know much about Ye Tao?" "Not too much." Cheng Yanqiu shook his head and said, "The information I know is not much different from the information you see in the light brain, but according to his words and deeds just now, it is totally different from the information in the light brain,Sex Enhancement Powder, and it doesn't feel like a minor boy to me." "Oh." The woman nodded gently, and Cheng Yanqiu asked carefully at this time, "Miss Six, do you need to investigate?" "No." The woman shook her head and said, "In fact, you know very well in your heart that it's better not to investigate some people's affairs, otherwise, you and I can't afford unexpected changes." "I see." Cheng Yanqiu hurriedly said that this woman was Xie Ruolan, the sixth daughter of the Lord of the state city. Although the woman's identity was not as high as his, who let the latter's father be the Lord of a state city? It can be said that Xie Ruolan was like the daughter of a mayor of a big city,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and he was only a deputy mayor of a small town. At the same time. After Ye Tao and Li Ming left the box, they separated, and Ye Tao naturally returned home, with the elixir he now has, enough for him to practice to congenital use. As soon as I entered the house, I saw Bai Jie sitting on the big sofa in the living room. As soon as she saw Ye Tao's return, she stood up and said with a smile, "Ye Tao, the house has been done. It cost more than 86 million yuan. I'll transfer the rest of the money to you." Said, Bai Jie turned out the mobile phone, intended to transfer money, Ye Tao a look, Hei Hei a happy step forward two steps, sat on the sofa, put Bai Jie's soft body in his arms, hand extended to Bai Jie's plump chest. Oh, you.. What are you doing? Don't. Yunyun will be out of school soon. If she sees it, it will be really troublesome. Bai Jie blushed and whispered, pushing Ye Tao's hand. Ye Tao Hei Hei said happily, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "You said we all have this kind of relationship, you are still always polite to me, is it too raw?" "But, but, I really can't take the money from Ye Tao." Bai Jie hesitated. If you don't want it, I'll take it. I never know how to be polite. Ye Tao Da Le hugged Bai Jie in his arms, reached out his hand and grabbed Bai Jie's soft and plump chest. With a little rubbing, Bai Jie breathed out unevenly. His face was flushed and he said in a big panic, "I want it. I want it. How can I be a man if Yun Yun sees it later?" "That's good." Ye Tao smiled and put Bai Jie on the sofa. At this time, he smiled and said, "Sister Bai, don't call me when you eat recently. I'm going to use this period of time to break through to congenital." "What?"? You have to break through the innate. Bai Jie said with a shocked face. Ye Tao smiled, "Bai Jie, in fact, this is nothing, my parents left me an amazing wealth, in the end how much, I will not tell you, later, you will slowly understand." With that, Ye Tao turned his hand and took out three bottles of elixir. He whispered, "Sister Bai, this is Yiti Dan. You and Yun Yun have nothing to practice. When I can practice at a high point in the future, I will help you guide out the True Qi." In this world, everyone knows a kind of skill. This skill is the guiding skill. Although this guiding skill is the lowest level of practice, it is no problem to practice to the innate level. The aptitude of ordinary people is really not good, and there is no money to back it up, so naturally there will be no achievement. Bai Jie said gratefully, "Ye Tao, thank you, thank you." "I don't have to say thank you. Why do you say that?" Ye Tao pretended to be dissatisfied with the reply, immediately said, "by the way, Bai Jie, you also stop the early shop, otherwise if you go on like this, you are really too tired, besides, according to the income of the small shop, it is enough for you and Yun Yun to spend." For Ye Tao's words, Bai Jie was grateful in her heart, but her face was sad and she said, "It's not a big problem to stop, but how can I explain it to Yun Yun? Besides, there are things about this house. When the time comes, all the people here will know." Ye Tao smiled and said, "Sister Bai, in fact, there is no need to explain this. When the time comes, you can tell them that you won the lottery." In today's society, there is also a lottery, and, compared to the real society's bonus, it is even more terrible on several times, here is this city, because the first prize is the spar, the grand prize is the high secret book of practice, so in this case, how can it not be mouth-watering. It can be said that as long as people in the city, they will participate in the purchase of lottery tickets,Glucono Delta Lactone, after all, if they win the lottery, that is a turning point in life.

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