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Yu Zhan didn't feel anything wrong. He rubbed himself in the quilt, squinted and answered lazily: "Well, how long have I been sleeping?" His voice was soft and harmless because he had just woken up. Ning Chunxi, unmoved, glanced at him and said coolly, "It's only five hours." In the middle of this, she not only brushed two comics, but also went to Ajiang to catch up with a serial called "I am a little princess, is to use the pet", she is also the first time to see people can take a nap than themselves, the heart is simply capital admiration! Yu Zhan choked, and he was shocked by his ability to sleep. He touched the tip of his nose dejectedly and tried to pull Zun: "Cough, probably because of illness." Ning Chunxi snorted and didn't intend to haggle with anyone. Otherwise, she wouldn't have let him sleep until he woke up naturally. "Are you hungry? What do you want to eat at night?" Yu Zhan touched his stomach: "There is nothing special to eat." Ning Chunxi decided directly: "Then go downstairs to the hospital canteen to solve it, eat some medicinal diet, just to make up." She said, taking out his coat from the wardrobe and handing it to someone. Yu Zhan put on a thin hospital gown, slowly lifted the quilt, and put on his coat. Ning Chunxi went to the sofa to get his bag and told him, "Wear a pair of socks. It's cold outside." Although the hospital turned on the heating, but the temperature in the corridor is not as cold as in the room,small gold wash plant, cold from the feet, wearing hospital clothes alone, it will be somewhat cold. Yu Zhan gently answered, "Oh," and went to the cabinet to find out the socks he had changed and sat on the edge of the bed. After putting it on, he shuffled his slippers. "Let's go." Who would have thought that Ning Chunxi would take one look and squat down directly in front of him with a light "tut" and orderly roll up all his trouser legs into his socks: "The trouser legs will leak, so it won't be cold if they are wrapped tightly." Yu Zhan: ".." This picture is even more shocking than the dynamic Superman underwear, which is totally contrary to his fashion concept. Hold back to hold back,magnetic separator machine, or did not hold back to discuss with people: "Chunxi, so good soil..." Can you.. Don't dress like this. Without waiting for him to finish, Ning Chunxi angrily hit his calf with a backhand: "Do you still want to catch a cold? So much bullshit!" And he wrapped up his other trouser leg. ……” The expression on Yu Zhan's face seemed to collapse, and after several seconds, he pursed his lips tragically and squeezed out a pitiful "Oh.". Ning Chunxi listened to his death-defying tone, a little want to laugh, just endure the radian of the corners of the mouth to save face. When she stood up, she glanced up and down like a connoisseur, and gave an objective evaluation: "The style is quite frustrated, but it can't stand that people are handsome.". Tiptoe directly buckled the hat on the back of his coat, pushed people out, urged: "Hurry up, go late, there will be no food, I will starve to death." Yu Zhan grabbed the brim of his hat on both sides and covered his face tightly, coltan ore processing ,Portable gold trommel, showing only a pair of eyes, and then reluctantly moved out with him. In the corridor, I met several little nurses on duty. It was probably the first time that they had seen a patient wearing such a strange dress. They were all passing by with a titter. Yu Zhan glared at Ning Chunxi with grievance, full of accusation. Ning Chunxi was probably also happy, smiling and squinting. He rubbed the back of his head with a good temper and comforted him by saying, "It's all right. We are handsome. We can be confident in whatever we wear." Yu Zhan was frozen by her sudden intimacy for a moment, and finally hummed away from the line of sight, no longer resisting. Two people take the elevator to the second floor of the canteen, because the time is late, there are scattered sitting a few patients, but also middle-aged and elderly people. Ning Chunxi let people sit and ran to get food by himself. He put down the porridge and side dishes in front of him: "Eat it. There is no one now. The old man basically doesn't look at the net synthesis. He won't recognize you." Yu Zhan loosened the brim of his hat, but instead of taking it off, he slowly picked up the spoon and began to drink porridge. What Ning Chunxi ate was covered rice. Looking at the clear soup and little water on the opposite side, he felt a burst of schadenfreude in his heart. In the middle, he did not forget to sympathize with him: "Just use Salted Duck Egg, so that the taste will not be too weak.". ” Yu Zhan looked up at her, did not speak, but also picked up the Salted Duck Egg, with a clean spoon in the plate to scoop out the egg yolk, put it in her bowl, while he scooped up the rest of the egg white, mixed it in the porridge. Ning Chunxi looked at the extra golden egg yolk on the dinner plate and was stunned. Thoughts suddenly pulled away, thinking of a time when she was young, she and Yu Zhan, Ning Que three people eat fast food together, Ning Que gave her Salted Duck Egg of his egg yolk, and flaunted himself as the world's most friendly brother. Yu Zhan probably learned to go at that time, and then every time he had a meal, whenever he met with Salted Duck Egg, he would learn to scoop the yolk carefully to her like Ning Que. I just didn't expect him to go abroad for so many years, but his habits have not changed. Heart can not help but warm, put a piece of chicken in his bowl, the tone is still to make a flat look: "Oil can not eat too much, give you a taste." Yu Zhan's eyebrows and eyes softened, the corners of his mouth were filled with a smile, and the action of eating was still elegant: "Well, good." The two of them were talking together, which was much more pleasant than the scene at the last meal. At this time, there are two girls carrying lunch boxes into the canteen, it seems that it should be for the elders of the family to eat. When they finished their meal, they casually swept around, inexplicably facing a familiar face, and for a moment they pulled each other's sleeves excitedly, and stepped forward without being reserved: "Excuse me, are you Yu Zhan?" Without waiting for anyone to answer, he continued excitedly: "I like you very much!"! You must continue to refuel, C debut! Yu Zhan was caught off guard by such a situation,portable gold wash plant, and was thinking about how to deal with it, only listening to the opposite Ning Chunxi a serious way: No, he is not. Yu Zhan is recording the program. He is Yu Zhan's twin brother. His name is Yu Zuo. Yu Zhan:?? Yu Station? Yu Zuo? “……” God's ***ing metaphor for sitting. Chapter 19. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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