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'Nostalgia For the Immortals: 1 point of energy crystal is needed to enter, and a first-level abandoned energy gem is needed. ' 'Zhu Xian official: 2 energy crystals are needed to enter, and two first-level abandoned energy gems are needed. ' 'Zhu Xian Imitation Officer: To enter, you need 3 points of energy crystal and a second-level abandoned energy gem. ' 'Zhu Xian micro change: 10 points of energy crystal are needed to enter, and a three-pole waste energy gem is needed. ' 'Zhu Xian Zhong Bian: 15 points of energy crystal are required to enter, and a level 4 abandoned energy gem is needed. ' 'Zhu Xian Super Change: To enter, you need 20 points of energy crystal and one abandoned energy gem of level 5. ' After showing this list to Yi Chi, Yi Tang immediately said with a smile: "Today is your first time to enter, I give you the experience price, let you first enter a super change to see, I usually go to the super change, after all, only the things inside meet your requirements, the above words, when you don't have enough energy crystal, you can do tasks and so on, with your equipment." It's basically invincible, so it will be very easy. Nodded, just started to see this list when Yi Chi immediately a little shocked, this super change will be 20 points of energy crystal, he can not have so much, but also have a five-level energy gem, although it is abandoned, but Yi Chi also did not ah good Yi Tang said is to give an experience price, otherwise Yi Chi is really no way. After seeing Yi Chi agree, Yi Tang immediately stretched out his hand and said, "Give me a true God." Yi Chi readily took out a true God deity and put it in Yi Tang's hand, only to see Yi Tang gently clap and pull after he got the deity, only to see a tiny silk thread pulled out by him, turning into an energy flow in midair to form a circle of light in the air, and then, Yi Tang threw the deity in his hand again and threw it into the circle of light. With a crackling sound, the circle of light suddenly slowly rotated. Turning his head and looking at Yi Chi,Carbon in Pulp, Yi Tang said with a smile, "Go in. You have three months to stay inside. When the time comes, the opportunity will be automatically transmitted." With a gentle nod, Yi Chi smiled and said, "If it's not the experience price, how long can you stay?" Yi Tang had already calculated that Yi Chi would ask this question, and immediately glared at him angrily, and then explained: "One year, one time can only stay for one year." "Oh," suddenly enlightened to nod, so calculated, he really earned. Thinking of this, Yi Chi also no longer hesitated, directly and lightly jumped into the circle of light. Heyang City. Unlike the game, which is only the size of a screen, the real version of Heyang City is very huge. The wall is ten miles long and twenty meters high. Two rows of tall guards stand on both sides of the gate. They all hold the broadsword. They look very powerful and extraordinary, but in the eyes of those who wear all kinds of strange clothes, gold CIP machine ,manganese beneficiation plant, they are scum. These mortal beings will never be seen in their eyes, but today, the image of these guards will be completely changed. With the appearance of a white array, Yi Chi, dressed in a glorious version of the ghost suit, appeared in the city of Heyang. Similar to the game, Yi Chi also appeared opposite the famous Monday Immortal. Unlike the Monday Immortal he exchanged, the old man who stood looking up at the sky all day long looked much more melancholy. And the little ring sitting on one side of the fence did not look particularly happy, as if she had something to worry about. Ha ha, really interesting ah "smiled and stood in place for a while, Yi Chi immediately walked up.". Walking here is different from outside, Yi Chi feels more powerful pressure, which slows down his speed by hundreds of times. After a little walk in the city of Heyang, Yi Chi, who had gradually become accustomed to coming over, finally found Zhou Yixian, who had been looking up at the sky. Zhou Lao smiled and said hello to Zhou Yixian, who immediately scared the other party back two steps. Looking at Yi Chi in amazement, Zhou Yixian said in disbelief, "Can you talk to me casually?" "Uh, why?"? Is it strange? Yi Chi said unreasonably. A face nervously looked around, Zhou Yixian's movement range is very small, if not for Yi Chi's careful observation, it can not be seen. After Zhou Yixian looked around and made sure that everyone else was doing their own thing, he whispered to Yi Chi, "Other people can't talk like you." Hearing this, Yi Chi remembered that he was really in the world of the game, and this is not the virtual order in the previous novel, the dialogue between players and NPC is naturally prescribed, how can he speak at will. After figuring it out, Yi Chi immediately said with a smile, "I am quite special." After looking Yi Chi up and down, Zhou Yixian shook his head and said, "It's very special. I've never seen a little guy who wears nine sets, and he doesn't even have a magic weapon. Oh, my God, you don't even wear your body and jewelry. Don't you know you have to buy a set of primary jewelry in the treasure house of the Emperor of Heaven first?" “……” Yi Chi looked at the other side with a speechless face and could only bite his teeth helplessly and said, "How do I know where the treasure house of heaven and earth is?" This time it was Zhou Yixian's turn to be surprised. Once again, he carefully went up and down a lot of Yi Chi. Suddenly, he looked surprised and said, "It's strange that you little guy has no attributes, no bags, no skill bar, and nothing." "Well, I would like to have," Yi Chi said helplessly, these are legitimate players will have, how can he have a black account? However, Zhou Yixian's words were obviously not finished. He shook his head and looked at Yi Chi and said, "And you have all the abilities of the five doors of the human race. It's really incredible." "Oh." Dry laughed a few times, he has not begun to make a difference, his actual situation was seen clearly by an old man, it is really depressing. However,coltan ore processing, Zhou Yixian obviously did not mean to make things difficult for Yi Chi. After talking about the special features of Yi Chi, he returned to a serious look and said with a serious face: "Young Lang, are you willing to defend your country from being invaded by monsters?" “……” 。

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