Tibetan Code 10 (Sacred Finale) _ He Ma
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At the end of his life, he heard the voice of his companions, and his instinct for survival drove him to find new life. But why did Merkin have to get rid of Popov? He was afraid that Popov would mention it when he recalled it. Bad news about him? As for Yueyang's warning before he died, Zhuo Mu Qiangba always kept it in mind: "Mo Jin doesn't believe what he said. Don't believe it." The nine palaces began to turn, and both of them kept silent, each with his own concerns, like strangers meeting in the elevator, or in the cabin swaying in the wind and rain. wWw:xiaoshuotxt? Comtxt Novels-Paradise Part 10 Chapter 78 Dust-laden Buddhist Treasures 1 Deadly Mimang The rotation of the nine palaces stopped, but the baffle blocking the room did not open, and the mechanism was turned to the bottom. Mo Jin crosses over first, strange way: "What mechanism is this again?" Zhuo Mu Qiangba followed, and there was another chessboard of twenty-five squares on the machine platform, which was on the cross line. There are round buttons, some of which are flush with the machine desk, some are higher than the plane of the machine desk, and some are concave. It really looks like a game of chess. Mimang? Zhuo Mu Qiangba read out the text on the machine desk, roughly read and began to take out the computer, to Mo Jindao. "It's Damimang chess. It was introduced to Tubo before the Tang Dynasty. Strange, I've never seen this kind of chessboard." Oh, no! After Professor Fang Xin's computer was opened, there was no display on the screen. After Zhuo Mu Qiangba restarted, the screen jumped. After a few times, the figure finally appeared. It was estimated that there was a collision on the wall of the passage when he was fighting with Popov just now. Mo Jin also inexplicably nervous for a while, now this computer, is simply their survival in the nine palace change. Magic weapon, if this magic weapon is out of order, even if his Firefox is cunning, there is no way. I waited for two or three minutes, but I didn't see Zhuo Mu Qiangba start. Mo Jin said, "Isn't that all right?" Look up and see,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, See Zhuo Mu Qiangba has taken the layout of the chessboard into the computer, the computer analyzed the chess manual, is calculating, next to the display. The number is constantly beating, millions of steps have been calculated, but there is no answer, if the simple logic in front. The computer has already calculated it. Mo Jin looks at that chessboard again, always feel chess piece puts modelling some familiar, ask: "This dense awn chess, after all?" What kind of chess is it? Zhuo Mu Qiangba said, "It's Chinese Weiqi,30ml Dropper Bottle, but the Mimang chess I know is to divide the chessboard into 19 squares." I have never seen a big chessboard that reduces to seventeen squares and increases nineteen squares to twenty-five squares. Mo Jin suddenly realized, no wonder these chess types are so familiar, the original is Weiqi, so this is one. Zhen Ge, Mo Jin turned his attention to the chessboard. The development history of Go has gone through 9 X 9, 13x13, 17x17 and so on several times change, only then forms the 19x19 chessboard finally, the odd digit satisfied both sides to contend for the ground must There is a condition for one side to win, and 19 is the number of Dayan in ancient Chinese philosophy, with harmonious star positions and equal weight on the flank. By the time the 19-grid chessboard was developed, human thinking ability had reached an extreme value, so there was no continuation. Continued development. But now in front of Mo Jin, it is a big chessboard of 25 X 25 squares, but see the stars on both sides. Five squares, each corresponding to 12 pieces of asphalt completely symmetrical, like some kind of formula, the main fight in the abdomen, if will The concave button is regarded as a sunspot, and the convex part is regarded as a white spot, which is like two dragons, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, one black and one white. The end of the intersection, entangled together, fight inextricably, equal. Strangely, the two pieces are not working, there is a life and death disaster on both sides of the dragon, at first glance how? The next line, and then think carefully, how to go, the other side has a way to deal with. It's like a duel between two martial arts masters. No matter who shot first, a shot is a move, the other side can immediately think of a crack move, only not shot. Time, is the highest realm, a kind of no move to win the realm of a move! Mo Jin looked down again, only to feel that the two chess pieces gradually turned into two armies against each other, one black and one white, the former. The front has collided with each other, the individual soldiers fight against each other, the coordination of the team, the strategy of the brigade, his ears. As if I had heard the golden iron horse, the drums of war, the earth throbbing, people turned upside down, shouting ShaSheng, hissing, hand in Weave together. Mo Jin suddenly black eyes, nearly fainted, hurriedly closed his eyes, a step back, as if by someone. With a heavy hammer when the chest hit a hammer, after a step, and a small step back, this just stand firm. At this time, Professor Fang Xin's computer was still calculating. Mo Jin slanted his head and saw that he had already calculated more than 200 million steps. The words were still beating at a speed that could not be recognized by the naked eye. Mo Jin shook his head and said, "It's useless. This can't be calculated." "Why?" Asked Zhuo Mu Qiangba. "This is a treasure cabinet," said Mo Jin. Seeing that Zhuo Mu Qiangba did not understand, he explained, "Does the so-called Zhenge refer to Go in the next to the middle of the game, not yet the end of the stage, suddenly the situation appeared a great harmony, great entanglement, then. A situation in which one side will win unless there is a very good hand. In this case, we call it Zhen Ge, Weiqi. Jinge has a similar meaning to the endgame of chess, but Jinge is more complicated because it has more moves and changes. The number is larger. I have seen such a treasure cabinet, after the sunspot falls, the white son has only one place to deal with. Once the fall is wrong, down to the end will be defeated; but after the fall of the white, the black also has only one place to deal with. Once the wrong will also be defeated, the next repeated work, tight gas, raisin, 128 hands, hand in hand. So, there is only one response, but no one can consider the situation after 128 hands, the computer, also. Unable Zhuo Mu Qiangba shrank his eyebrows. Mo Jin said, "The amount of computation is too large. Although the storage capacity of this computer is good, Management ability is also very outstanding, but you do not forget, this is a 25x25 grid chessboard, a total of 625 cross bits,Amber Dropper Bottles, computer. It can't be blurred, and its only way to deal with chess games is to memorize chess manuals and exhaustive methods, which are as huge as this. penghuangbottle.com

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