How many years has Jiangshan been blown by the strong wind?
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Heng Kui turned around and was about to call Zhang An when he was suddenly grabbed by his arm and pulled onto the bed. Heng Kui was even more startled. "How can you be on my dragon bed?" He struggled. "Szeto is returning at dusk." He was encircled by a pair of arms and turned over. Heng Kui was furious and said in a deep voice, "What are you doing when Szeto returns at dusk?" Szeto Mugui lowered his head, licked his auricle, and whispered, "The Empress Dowager put me in a daze on the emperor's bed to serve the emperor." But the tea only moistened the throat, and when it was carried to the dragon bed of Heng, the power of the ecstasy had passed. In his struggle, the heat of the Dantian rose higher and higher. "If you dare to slander the Empress Dowager," he said in a harsh voice, "I won't be afraid to cut off your head!"! Get back. Szeto Mugui's hand had reached into Heng's skirt, but unlike the last time, he reached directly into his inner clothes and wandered unscrupulously. Your Majesty, since the queen mother has done this step, she will not leave me alive again. The tip of the tongue turned a circle on Heng's neck. "I, Situ, have been dissolute all my life. Naturally, I want to be a romantic ghost." The heat of Heng's Dantian was getting hotter and hotter, and the old thoughts of how to torture Szeto Mugui gradually floated in front of him. He put his hand in front of Szeto Mugui's chest and pulled it away. He sneered, "Since you have come to seek death,cosmetic packaging wholesale, I will help you." The word did not fall sound, between the neck crisp hemp in faint ache, then the ear laughs softly: "Your Majesty, nature must be fulfilled." There was no one else inside the bedroom. Grandfather Zhang was standing outside the closed door of the palace. He was ordered to listen to what was going on inside. First there was a faint voice. Grandfather Zhang thought, is it Lord Situ who has woken up? It's better to wake up. It's more interesting to talk and move than not to move. Then there was a faint sound of gasping and groaning in Longyang, and Grandfather Zhang's face was a little hot. The emperor is really the spirit of the dragon horse.. Grandfather Zhang thinks carefully again. The old face is even more ashamed. The sound of clouds and rain in the hall became more and more dense, and the spirit of the emperor's dragon and horse became more and more vigorous, and the sound of panting became louder and louder. Grandfather Zhang's old face could not hold up,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, and he could not stand, so he turned to go. Suddenly there was a loud sound in the hall, as if enduring great pain and enjoying it with great joy. After several loud groans, Grandfather Zhang covered his mouth with his sleeve and flew to report to the queen mother. "It's done!" The queen mother closed her eyes and nodded with relief. "Very good." However, father-in-law Zhang had a doubt in his stomach and dared not tell the queen mother. The last few sounds sounded like the emperor. Grandfather Zhang stood outside the bedroom door, looking at the two carved doors and hesitating. The four little eunuchs stood wheezing as they carried the imperial bath bucket filled with hot water. Grandfather Zhang half bent over respectfully, stretched out his hand to the door, and then shrank back in midair. The little eunuchs had a pain in their arms, and they did not dare to let the sacred bottom of the imperial bath bucket be defiled by the floor of the corridor, so they whispered, "Grandfather, the water is getting cold." Grandfather Zhang put his hands together in his sleeves and shrank his neck. He coughed, "Long live.." Then he breathed out and enlarged his voice, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, "Long live." There was a vague answer in the bedroom hall. Grandfather Zhang relaxed his courage and said shakily, "Long live, the slave has prepared water. Please take a long live bath." A reply came faintly from the bedroom hall: "The emperor hasn't got up yet. Take the water into the hall and put it outside the screen first." When Grandfather Zhang heard the sound, he blushed and winked behind him. The four little eunuchs held their breath and put the tub into the hall. Holding their breath, they retreated. Grandfather Zhang leaned over the screen and said respectfully, "The slave is waiting outside the door. If you want to add hot water, just tell the slave." Then he retired and went out of the temple. The little eunuch leaned forward in front of the gate and whispered, "Grandfather, are we waiting on the porch, or can't we get within thirty feet like last night?" Grandfather Zhang waved his hand and said, "Let's do what we did yesterday." The little eunuch grinned and said, "Then you can wait on yourself in the corridor, and the little ones can find a place to squat." Shrink their heads and scatter to the corners. [] Grandfather Zhang looked up at the sun and raised his hand to the side of the pillar. Needless to say, the emperor must have shown his dragon power last night. It was the fierce dragon that went into the deep water and the wild dragon went up to the sky. I don't know when it will rest today. Heng Kui was still sleeping in bed. Last night, with anger, hatred, shame and anger, all kinds of fire in his heart were entangled. He was in a daze in the dark and could not wake up. He only felt that his body had moved to and fro in several places, lying down for a while, then in the air for a while, and then as if he had been served and bathed in the water. He was in a coma, and he had been used to being served from the womb. He did not feel that the hands that served him were more thorough and meticulous, nor did he care whether they were presumptuous or not. From the water to the air, and then from the air to the ground, the body was wrapped in soft, light and warm silk. He frowned and moved his body, trying to lie down more firmly. His upper body was lifted again, and some water was poured into his mouth. His throat was a little astringent, so he swallowed subconsciously and lay flat again. Heng Kui just woke up a little shallow, and then fell into a deep sleep. Grandfather Zhang looked at the sun in the corridor and narrowed his eyes. It was still early, and it was growing today. Feeling a little anxious, just about to steal the body to go to a convenience, a small eunuch panting on the road to play tiles, the queen mother passed Zhang father-in-law in the past. Grandfather Zhang called the little eunuchs out of the corner and told them, "Serve one in the corridor. When the emperor calls someone, no matter what he sees when he goes in, he can't show his face.". When someone in the temple comes out, the attendant on the porch salutes respectfully, and the others just pretend not to see him. Let him go. The important thing is to control your own mouth, leak out half a word and lose a head, remember to remember. The Empress Dowager was sitting and drinking tea in the warm pavilion of the Ruide Palace, with no one around. The Empress Dowager called the tea leaves and said to Zhang Gong, "Your Majesty, how are you at this time last night?" "Very good,Glass Cosmestic Containers," said Grandfather Zhang. "The slave has just sent the water for the bath. The emperor is still resting. The slave doesn't dare to disturb the emperor. He just waits on the porch." The Empress Dowager nodded and said, "That's all right." She put down the teacup and sighed. "It's just that after last night, how should Szeto be dealt with?" Grandfather Zhang didn't dare to talk about this kind of thing. He just bent over to listen.

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