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Huwa's iron rod is the most fierce, and it dances vigorously. Although it was four people who attacked her, she took the initiative. She chased people and killed three of the four big men. When she chased the fourth one deep into the reeds on the hillside, a long rope was suddenly thrown from the grass, which not only entangled her iron rod, but also her hands and feet, and dragged her down. As soon as Ye Xiaolong looked, he shouted in a hurry, "Xiaohu, these robbers have a problem." Back up! She forced the longbow back to the besiegers, and first went to the mountains in the weeds. Fortunately, there was no ambush in the grass, and she escaped. And when she got here, she used marbles to help Yue Xiaohu retreat. Yue Xiaohu fired a few shots and fought his way out of the tight encirclement. Someone wanted to chase him, but he was beaten back by Ye Xiaolong's marbles. But the Tigress in the dogfight was also caught by the long ropes of the lamas, thrown to the ground with two hooks, and was caught alive. Yue Xiaohu and Ye Xiaolong had already met together, and they watched helplessly as Huwa and Tigress were captured, but there was nothing they could do. Yue Xiaohu still wanted to rush down to save people,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, but he was pulled by Ye Xiaolong and said, "Xiaohu, it's superfluous for you to go!"! The long ropes of those lamas are so powerful that you can do nothing even if you have all your abilities. The tiger baby's great strength has been captured by them, so we have to try to save them slowly. Yue Xiaohu is calm down, he knows that Ye Xiaolong is right, now they are in a commanding position, a few people want to force over,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Ye Xiaolong's Lianzhu God catapult down the cliff, so it is no problem to get away, but it is almost impossible to go down to save people. Not to mention that the long rope of that group of lamas is difficult to resist, even another group of bandits are all good players, and their abilities are not strong enough to defeat them. When the robbers at the bottom saw that they couldn't get close to them, a man laughed and said, "You two are clever. Anyway, we've already caught two women. I'm not afraid you won't redeem them with silver.." "Do you want silver?" Asked Ye Xiaolong. "Of course," said the big fellow! Men open a village here just to make a fortune. Why don't you want silver? : 61\ 021 Chapter 21 "It's easy to ask for silver," said Ye Xiaolong. "How much do you want?" "These two girls, one hundred thousand taels!" Ye Xiaolong sneered, "It's only two hundred thousand taels. You don't have a big appetite." The big fellow sneered, "I know you're the boss of the Dragon and Tiger Firm, D BHB Factory ,L Methylfolate Factory, and you've made a lot of money recently. How can it be cheaper for you?"! One hundred thousand taels of gold, converted into silver, is four million taels! "That's more like it," said Ye Xiaolong. "Where shall we redeem him?" "It's on this mountain at the Tianlong Temple." "Is there a Tianlong Temple on Yimeng Mountain?" "This is because you are ignorant. The Tianlong Temple in Yimeng has been built for more than two hundred years. The Grand Lama of Huangjiao Zhangtu Living Buddha in Tibet is stationed in the temple." "Are the lamas who make the rope the monks of Tianlong Monastery?" That's right! They are the eighteen flying dragons in front of the seat of the Grand Lama of Zhangtu. "You're not ordinary bandits, are you?" Asked Ye Xiaolong. "Not bad," said the big fellow after a pause! The men were originally from the Shandong Branch of the Cha Ji Ying Patrol Group, and were directly under the rule of Prince Zhong! Ye Xiaolong sneered, "So it's Ruizhong's men. That's no wonder.". Ruizhong has been destroyed by us, but the Cha Ji camp has not collapsed. Prince Kang has taken over, which has no effect on you! "That's for the personnel in the official establishment. We are the separate establishment set up by Prince Zhong.". As soon as Prince Zhong fell, so did we. "Then you want to avenge Prince Zhong?" The big fellow said, "Although we are the private subordinates of Prince Zhong, we are only employed by him. We are not his relatives. What can we avenge for him?"? It's just that we've been working for more than ten years, and when he says it's going to fall, we haven't even got one or two pieces of silver, so we've found you! Yue Xiaohu couldn't help saying, "How can we be responsible for this?" Ye Xiaolong said with a wry smile, "Xiaohu, can you still reason with them?" "Not bad," laughed the big fellow! Yue Xiaohu, we don't talk about reason, we only talk about interests. Anyway, we have two hostages in our hands. If you want these two girls to live, you can redeem them with four million taels of silver. "We came out to play," said Ye Xiaolong, "but we didn't take four million taels of silver with us." "This man naturally knows that there is a branch of your Dragon and Tiger Firm in Jinan. You can go there to raise money!" Ye Xiaolong said, "There is not so much cash in the Jinan branch. Although the business of the Dragon and Tiger Firm is big, it pays attention to the flexible use of funds. Our cash circulates everywhere. Most of it is concentrated in the head office of Yangzhou and Jingshi. The cash that can be mobilized in a branch will not exceed one million taels.". Therefore, if you want to transfer four million taels of cash, you must send it from the capital. "How long will it take?" Asked the big fellow. "Four million taels of silver must be carried in at least fifty carts, and it will take at least a month to come from the capital." "Who wants you to send silver?"? The silver ticket is OK, want the silver ticket of constant thick number that is used in the whole country, every piece of ten thousand two, pay by the ticket namely.. "Then," said Ye Xiaolong, "you'll have to go to the capital headquarters to get the money. You'll be in a hurry. It'll take twenty days to get it here." Men wait for you for a month, a month later, in the Tianlong Temple to pay the silver ticket to release people. Today is the thirteenth day of the ninth month, and the thirteenth day of the next month. If you can't get the silver, you can come outside the temple gate to collect the body. With a roar! A group of people, carrying the living and the dead, disappeared on the mountain road. Yue Xiaohu stared blankly at the empty mountain path and sighed, "I didn't expect this to happen." "I'm not surprised!"! Ruizhong is in charge of the investigation and arrest camp. He is in charge of the spy affairs of the whole country. He is very powerful. If we bring him down,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, many people will lose power. There will be many people who hate us deeply and seek revenge for us! "The thieves seem to want money rather than revenge." "Do you believe what they say?" Ye Xiaolong sneered. Yue Xiaohu couldn't help being stunned. "Don't they want money?" "No one in the world doesn't want money," said Ye Xiaolong. "But I think their purpose is not just money. So even if we send the silver, we may not be able to redeem people smoothly." "Can you be sure?" 。

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