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Xiao Jianhui cunningly changed the subject. He didn't want to expose the internal contradictions between himself and Liu Fei in front of foreigners like Caterns. But Caterns was also an old fox. He just smiled faintly and said, "Secretary Xiao, you are really a very smart person. It seems that you don't want to talk about the internal affairs of your Haiming City in front of me. In fact, you are still too wary of me. But this is good. It makes me more and more interested in cooperating with you." As for the ideological issues you mentioned before, I don't want to discuss with you. You have the way of the East, and we have the way of the West. But no matter what you do, there is only one goal, that is, to do everything possible to realize and protect the vested interests you have gained, and to find ways to obtain some expected and long-term benefits. Forgive me for speaking frankly, before Liu Fei and Wang Chenglin arrived in Haiming City, the local faction headed by you dominated one side in Haiming City, gained a lot of practical benefits and controlled quite a lot of political interests. However, with the arrival of Liu Fei, I found that the political structure of Haiming City is gradually changing. Liu Fei and Wang Chenglin have now gained a firm foothold in And their next goal must be to control the overall situation of Haiming City. No matter which one of them finally controls the overall situation of Haiming City, I'm afraid they will inevitably conflict with your local faction and affect your interests, which is the background of our cooperation. To hear Caterns say this, Xiao Jianhui is a Rin in his heart. He knows very well that international super-large financial consortia like Caterns have their influence all over the world, and their appetite is also very big. To cooperate with them is like asking a tiger for its skin. If you are not careful, you may have to be swallowed by them. So Xiao Jianhui immediately said with a faint smile, "Mr. Caterns, with all due respect, I am not interested in your so-called cooperation at all, because you have said before that the West has its own way of doing things,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and we in the East also have our own rules of doing things in the East. It is a matter of officialdom, and we will solve it by means of officialdom. It is a personal enmity." It will also be solved by private means, but I'm afraid that no matter how we solve it, there will be no connection between you and the Mergan Consortium. Catternes looked at Xiao Jianhui's eyes a little more surprised, he did not expect that Xiao Jianhui would say such a thing, originally he thought he said to cooperate with him, he would think about it carefully, but soon, Catternes immediately thought that it was very likely that Xiao Jianhui said this on purpose, in order to improve his bargaining chips. He had seen a lot of such people before, so he immediately came straight to the point and said, "Secretary Xiao, it seems that your appetite is really not small. If you have any conditions, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Kava Root Extract, you can say it directly. I believe you should be very clear that we all have common goals and needs in dealing with Liu Fei. I believe that whether it is you or me." We all hope to remove Liu Fei from the land of Haiming City as soon as possible so that his existence will not affect our core interests. ” However, as soon as Caterns had said this, Xiao Jianhui once again said something unexpected to him: "Mr. Caterns, I think you still haven't figured out one thing. I have already said that there is no room for cooperation between us. Although I do have some dissatisfaction with Liu Fei, it belongs to the internal contradictions between our Chinese officials." The contradiction between you and Liu Fei and even you and our Hai Ming City belongs to internal and external contradictions. I am an official of Huaxia. I am the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Huaxia. The contradiction between Liu Fei and me can be solved by means of officialdom, and the contradiction between us and you will be solved by other means. But if I join hands with you to deal with Liu Fei, Then I have become a traitor and a traitor. I, Xiao Jianhui, have worked under the banner of the Party for so many years, but I have never done such a thing. So, Mr. Caterns, I think there is no need for us to continue discussing this topic. If you have nothing else, I think I can go. With that, Xiao Jianhui stood up, tidied up his clothes, and prepared to leave. However, at this time, Caterns did not show any anxiety. He still sat firmly on the sofa, crossed his legs and took a sip of the cup. Then he said with a smile, "Secretary Xiao, don't be so anxious. I know that you are a party member with party spirit. I also know that in the eyes of you Chinese people, To join hands with foreign forces is to communicate with foreign countries. They are traitors and traitors. But why do such people always emerge in an endless stream in history? In fact, to put it bluntly, it is still a matter of interests. I know that with your position and interests today, you may think that cooperating with us is dangerous and not worth it. But I think that besides cooperating with us, I'm afraid there's no other way out, otherwise, I don't think you'll have much chance to fight with Liu Fei in officialdom using your so-called officialdom means. Hearing what Caterns said, Xiao Jianhui's face darkened. He had already heard a strong threat from Caterns' words. At his level, he was very disgusted with this kind of naked intimidation. He said with a cold face, "Mr. Caterns, I know your Mergan Consortium is very powerful in the United States, but I'm afraid you're the only director." It's not enough to shake my position. Caterns smiled disdainfully and said, "Secretary Xiao, it seems that you really want me to have a showdown with you. But it's all right. After the showdown, the cooperation between us can go on better. Secretary Xiao, I'm afraid you won't be a stranger to me." "Who?" Xiao Jianhui asked. Xia Yanru, a very beautiful woman, a woman who can make men crazy. Caterns spoke in a very frivolous tone, but the words in Xiao Jianhui's ears,Thyroid Powder Factory, but felt like a bolt from the blue, so that his face instantly changed color, his hands trembled involuntarily.

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