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The big house of the Ji family was covered with red silk and colorful silk everywhere, and there were hundreds of tables in the front yard and back yard to hold a wedding for his son, Ji Mingde, who was also an adopted son. Ji Bai, dressed in a purple silk robe and with pure white soles, was sitting at the Eight Immortals table in the hall smoking a water pipe and listening to the steward's reply. Suddenly he raised his eyebrows and said, "What do you mean he won't go to meet the bride? The eldest lady of the magistrate's family said she didn't want it. What is he, Ji Mingde?" As soon as the hookah was smashed, Ji Bai led a group of servants out of the main gate. He happened to meet Ji Mingde, who was holding a tall horse and immediately carrying a new wife dressed in auspicious clothes. Her thin shoulders and two hands clasped together were set off by the red dress, which was particularly soft and greasy. Can you do it? Can you afford a horse? Ji Bai stood in front of the horse and said with a sneer, "Mingde, there is always a way to get things done first. No matter who you marry for the second wife, Lan Yin must get in first. This is Uncle's rule." Ji Mingde endured and endured, took Baoru down from his horse, carried her into the house, and placed her on the Kang in the West Room. Next door, the gongs and drums were loud. Ji Bai came in and waited outside the small Westinghouse. The sun was about to rise. Hu Zhifu must have been waiting for the fire. My name is Ji Mingde, the Mingde in Mingde. Ji Mingde did not know how to tell himself to the little girl who had just hanged herself and would be sold whether she was alive or dead. He actually knew her last year, on a snowy and cold night, in Guanshan. At that time, there were two girls beside her,sodium cyanide price, wearing fur clothes, with round faces and smiling like a full moon. The three of them gathered together to say Li Shaoyuan. He wanted to tell her that he admired her from the bottom of his heart that she could persist until now. The delicate little girl, like the peach blossoms in October in the cold winter, opened in the wrong season, despite the cold wind and snow, could not live or die. I'll take care of you next door for a while, and I'll see you later, okay? He stretched out his hand,Portable gold trommel, and her two hands on the red dress immediately retracted into the sleeve. Eventually, Ji Mingde did not go to pick up another wife Hu Lanyin, but in the hall, in front of the guests who arrived early, he quarreled with Ji Bai. Magistrate Hu Kui couldn't wait for his new son-in-law to pick him up, so he had no choice but to wipe his old face and send his daughter to Ji's home in person, thinking of the millions of yuan in Ji Bai's basement. As soon as Pu entered the courtyard, he saw Ji Mingde holding Ji Bai's throat and a white fist in the hall, but in a twinkling of an eye, he pounded Ji Bai's eyes. As soon as he overturned the Eight Immortals table, Ji Bai swept over with his leg. He took the leg and pulled Ji Bai to the ground and shouted, "When you killed Ji Mingyi, did you ever think that you would be embarrassed for your children?"? Have you ever thought that you can't enter the ancestral grave without him? You dare to kill your own son, something worse than a beast. What kind of scholar is this, where the scholar will have his skill? Ji Bai is a practitioner who has been wandering in Jianghu for decades, chrome washing machine ,Carbon in Pulp, but in one move, he asked a white-faced scholar to turn it over, and the servants in the yard almost lost their eyes. Hu Kui shouted, "Where are the soldiers of the government? Where are the soldiers of Ji's family? Encircle this courtyard for my officer. Ji Mingde must be crazy. He dares to commit murder and bully Zongchang. Come and arrest him." Hu Lanyin pulled the veil and said in a soft voice, "Dad, it's hard for an honest official to do housework. On a big day, Mingde may be a little reckless just because he's happy. If you stir up the work, will your daughter get married?" Hu Kui passed through the crowd of spectators and saw Ji Bai standing up in the hall. Behind Ji Mingde, with a pale face, he suddenly clapped his hands in one place, and then drew a stroke at his neck. The one who loses his cool first is the one who loses first. Killing Ji Mingyi is a secret matter, only Hu Kui and Ji Bai know, if Ji Mingde is really a scholar, how can he know? If he was really a scholar, how could he have such skill? Ji Mingde, who grew up in Chengji from the age of eight, changed Ji Bai's view of him, and of course, changed Ji Bai's strategy towards him. After wiping the dirt from his face with a square handkerchief, Ji Bai said, "Mingyi is your eldest brother and my son. How can I not be sad when he dies?"? But he lost his footing in Guanshan and fell into the water and drowned. The magistrate Hu knew that all the people in Qinzhou City knew that you should go back to the second room to have a rest and come back to see Lan Yin tomorrow. How about that? There were more than forty servants in the courtyard, all with weapons, standing around the front yard. Ji Mingde was the only one. If he wanted to fight, he would not be able to fight. He regretted that he had acted on impulse and punctured Ji Bai too early. He stood for a moment with a livid face and passed by Hu Lanyin, who was also dressed in auspicious clothes and had a beautiful face, and left. Chapter 256 extra chapter 2. The banquet next door broke up in discord, and the wedding feast was set up for Ji Mingde to smash the second room, but Yang, who was extremely happy, chased after his son and said, "Is it true that Mingyi was killed by Ji Bai?"? If you say something else, I can believe that Ji Bai killed Ming Yi, but I can't believe it. How could Ji Bai kill him like Mingyi's painful eyes? Ji Mingde couldn't believe it either, but he had seen Ji Bai go to the immortal cliff to hire a murderer and wanted to kill Mingyi. At that time, he thought that Ji Bai was just talking, but he didn't think that Ji Mingyi died in the end. It was because he and Mingyi's own father did not eat the tiger. He was more poisonous than the tiger, so he killed Mingyi. But he was too impulsive and picked it up too early. Originally, in Ji Bai's opinion, he was just a weak scholar. Today, Ji Bai will be afraid of him. Will he go to check his background? Will he not find out that he is involved with bandits. Since Ji Bai can kill Ming Yi, it is no problem to kill him. Yang Shi was cooking for the new wife in the opposite Westinghouse when he looked up and saw Ji Mingde slapping himself in the face. "Don't be paranoid," she said. "Mingyi is dead, so don't talk about him all the time. But we agreed, these three days you have to be in our house, go quickly, carry the meal with the new wife two to eat, mother tonight will be big grandson, can not wait. Just at noon, Ji Mingde carried a small Kang table into the small Westinghouse,tin beneficiation plant, cramped to the narrow room where he could not turn around. Zhao Baoru held hands, still as he had left, and sat firmly on the edge of the bed.

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